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A New DAWN Tarot and Oracle Card Readings


From Jen:

Thank you so much. I've been in a bit of turmoil lately and that makes me feel so much better. Love and light xxx

From Elisa:

Thank you so much !

You basically hit on everything that I have had twirling in my thoughts over and over and this was confirmation for me !

Thank you again , have a wonderful vacation !


From Mary:


Thank you for the reading- yes- the last year or so has been very up and down more down than anything- and I do hope you are right about this period ending- fed up with it and yes am tired with feeling down because of situation!

Thank you again

Mary xxxx

From Katherine:

Hi Dawn,

Thank you for the reading, which was very insightful.

Kindest regards,


Reviews from Facebook page:

From Shannon:

Thank you! You're reading last night was spot on. You will never know how thankful I am.

From Sarah:

So I would like to let this community know that you will not find someone more dedicated to working with Spirit. I have had several readings from Miss Dawn and I can tell you she has the connection necessary and the knowledge to help you along your path. Give her a try!!!