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A New DAWN Tarot and Oracle Card Readings


Welcome to my new website!

From a very young age I had a strong belief in spirit, psychic readings, pendulums, crystals, etc. I also believed you had to be born with some special "gift" to do readings. I have learned this is not so. We all have the ability within us. It is the ability to open up to spirit to speak through us... to be a channel. I wish to help others with readings and guidance as they have helped me.

Please browse the site as it grows and feel free to contact me.  

Why book me?

I have decided to start a new website, and dedicate my time to giving online readings. Prior to this, I have been giving readings via my Facebook page and felt it was time to take the next step and launch my new site. I have been trained by a brilliant psychic in England who is not only my mentor, but a dear friend. She introduced me to my guides and taught me to be open to them. I am honest and genuine and will guide you through the love and dedication of my guides.